No. 1B/41/R, N.H.S, Raddolugama, P.O Box 11400, Sri-Lanka. Tel:+94 77 676 1823
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Our Team

01CEO: Mr. Shanil Fernando.

Creativity and ingenuity makes a leader stand out from the rest. Travco Adventures Sri-Lanka is creativity and ingenuity at its best.” – Shanil Fernando

Managing Director at Travco Adventures Sri-Lanka, Shanil Fernando has been known to constantly empower the team to share his view and passion that would propel the company to reach greater heights with sheer creativity and ingenuity. With his humble beginnings as an airport representative, he worked his way up to ensure that the travelling industry not only moves forward into the future but would create an enormous presence and need for travelling more than ever! Under his supervision and expertise of more than 12 years, he knows how to appreciate quality service and systematic business transactions. Shanil and the team at Travco Adventures Sri-Lanka show no sign of slowing down. With initiative, innovation, passion and commitment as key ingredients of this company, Shanil’s vision of creativity and Ingenuity will soon be experienced by the travel and tourism world.

Shanil can be contacted at (

Office Manager: Ms. Chamari RanathungaChamari 1

As Travco Adventures Sri-Lanka, is steadily growing, comes an influx of new team members ready to provide support to the company. Like any other organization, systematic workflow and communication between all staff are essential. It is my goal as office manager to create teamwork and unity between new and veteran employees. At the end of the day, teamwork translates to business success” – Chamari Ranathunga.

Her leadership skills have been proven to be a contributing factor to the well-structured internal communication of departments at Travco Adventures Sri-Lanka. Having been the Groups and Incentives Manager since the inception of the company, it was time for Chamari to put her management skills to the next level. Overseeing each department’s efficiency, Chamari and the rest of the Travco Adventures Sri-Lanka team is on its way to reach the company’s vision and mission.

Chamari can be contacted at ( – (

Kushan 1Logistics Manager: Mr. Kushan Fernando.

It’s almost as scientific as rocket science. Logistics require planning and precision as well as the ability to think on the spot. I personally believe that Travco Adventurers Sri-Lanka logistics have become a vital component to the smooth sailing of the company. – Kushan Fernando

Being a conversationalist and a problem solver has put Kushan in charge of Travco Adventures Sri-Lanka logistics. Excellently coordinating with each department to ensure every detail of their travel itinerary has been acknowledged. Kushan is the overall 24/7 emergency contact person as well and with his years of practice, he and the rest of the team work hand-in-hand to deliver top service all throughout the Sri Lanka.

Fairlyn 1

M.I.C.E Manager: Mrs. Renuka Fairlyn.

“The Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions sector has recently become more than just a corporate gathering. Now more than ever, it involves bringing these events to Destinations all around the world, incorporating various travel services from tours to excursions, to fine dining. To put it simply, the M.I.C.E world only means two things: Work and Play. That’s what Travco Adventures Sri-Lanka guarantees.” –  Renuka Fairlyn

With her vast experience in this specialized field of travel and tourism, Fairlyn brings in her knowledge to effectively lead her team to reach a higher level of customer service and satisfaction. Her ability to adapt to the ever evolving changes in the M.I.C.E industry has given Travco Adventures  Sri-Lanka the edge to provide clients a unique and well-rounded service that reflect a fresh take while maintaining Travco Adventures Sri-Lanka trademark of world class quality work.

F.I.T & Contracting Manager: Mr. Thushan Fernando.

“Contracting means so much more than just signing deals, It’s about creating the best possible win-win situation with our hotel partners. It’s the relationship and business ethics that make the contracting department what it is today: polished and growing stronger.”- Thushan Fernando

Leading the contracting department, Thushan has had years of experience in the hotel industry prior to joining Travco Adventures Sri-Lanka. With his expertise and insights, the contracting team continues to build and maintain effective partnerships with the best hotels in the Sri Lanka, guaranteeing our clients the best of everything.